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"Unveiling the Light: The Truth Behind Blackout Shades"

Updated: Apr 29

Struggling with unwanted light disrupting your sleep?

Many homeowners turn to Legacy Window Coverings for a solution, often opting for blackout shades to combat the issue.

But, do blackout window coverings truly deliver on their promise?

Let's delve into the truth behind these window treatments.

Blackout shades offer a range of benefits, surpassing alternatives like sheer treatments, room darkening options, and light filtering coverings. With their ability to control light, ensure privacy, and enhance energy efficiency, blackout window coverings emerge as the top choice for bedrooms, media rooms, and areas requiring utmost privacy.

However, it's essential to dispel a common misconception surrounding their name. While referred to as "blackout," these coverings do not completely block out natural light. Light, akin to water, finds its way through any barrier. Achieving absolute darkness necessitates pairing blackout window coverings with additional coverings like blackout curtains or drapes.

Blackout Shades with side channels for true blackout

When it comes to installation, inside-mounted blackout shades are favored for their sleek appearance. Yet, they inevitably create light gaps necessary for proper function. The extent of these gaps varies based on covering type and design. For instance, cellular and roman shades boast smaller gaps due to their back-mounted brackets, while roller coverings may exhibit larger gaps.

Opting for custom-made blackout window coverings ensures a snug fit, minimizing light infiltration.

Despite their superior light control and privacy, blackout shades still fall short of complete darkness, leaving some room for light to seep through.

Comparing blackout window coverings with alternatives highlights their superiority in light control and privacy. While sheer treatments maintain views and room brightness, blackout window coverings excel in providing total privacy and light control.

In summary, blackout window coverings significantly darken rooms but do not achieve complete blackout independently. For those seeking total darkness, pairing blackout window coverings with blackout curtains or drapes is recommended.

By understanding the nuances of blackout window coverings, homeowners can make informed decisions to enhance their living spaces' comfort and functionality.

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